Gerrit Jan Schaeffer

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Acknowledgement The support from the European Commission in the framework of the Altener program for the project 'The Implication of Tradable Green Certificates on the Deployment of Renewable Electricity '(Altener Contract XVII/4.1030/Z/98-037) is acknowledged. Partners from three Member States take part in this project. The Unit Policy Studies of ECN (The(More)
Let H be a Krull monoid with infinite cyclic class group G and let G P ⊂ G denote the set of classes containing prime divisors. We study under which conditions on G P some of the main finiteness properties of factorization theory—such as local tameness, the finiteness and rationality of the elasticity, the structure theorem for sets of lengths, the(More)
Preface This report and its appendices are based on the official Inception Report of the REALM project that has been submitted to the European Commission by the coordinator of this project, ESD. It included Country Briefing Papers as appendices. The Chapters of this report have been written by (The Netherlands). The main changes with regard to the original(More)
  • M A P C De Feber, G J Schaeffer, A J Seebregts, K E L Smekens
  • 2003
Preface This report summarises the ECN contributions to the EU SAPIENT project. The ECN contributions to this project have been carried out on behalf of the European Union, DG RES (under the 5 th Framework Programme), contract ENG2-CTI999-00003. It has been co-sponsored by ECN's own funds that come from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The project is(More)
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