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OBJECTIVES To test the effect of psychological intervention on multiple medically unexplained physical symptoms, psychological symptoms, and health care utilization in addition to medical care as usual. To identify patient-related predictors of change in symptoms and care utilization. METHODS In a randomized controlled trial, subjects were assigned to one(More)
Whether erotic films made by women are more arousing for women than erotic films made by men was studied. Forty-seven subjects were exposed to both a woman-made, female-initiated, and female centered, erotic film excerpt. Photoplethysmographic vaginal pulse amplitude was recorded continuously. Self-report ratings of sexual arousal and affective reactions(More)
This study investigated cognition in children with high, moderate, and low test anxiety under naturalistic test-taking conditions. Children with high test anxiety not only reported more negative self-evaluations and more off-task thoughts but also more on-task and coping thoughts. Consistent with previous research, no "task-facilitating" role for these(More)
OBJECTIVES The present study investigated the contribution of demographic characteristics (age, gender, socioeconomic status [SES]) and symptom-perception variables to unexplained physical symptoms and health care utilization. In addition, the consequences of the use of four frequently applied symptom-detection methods for relations among study variables(More)
Two methods of assessing cognition in high, moderate, and low test-anxious children, thought listing and self-statement questionnaire approaches, were investigated under naturalistic test-taking conditions. The amount of cognition, its content, and its relation to level of anxiety and task performance were examined. States of mind (SOM) analyses were(More)
The present study addressed the as-yet-unresolved issue of whether coping self-talk facilitates or interferes with effective task performance. Tests of the relationship between coping cognition and task performance are reported when potentially confounding relationships of negative cognition and task performance are controlled. The results indicate that(More)
BACKGROUND Traumatic events may result in a variety of physical and psychological health problems. Self-confrontation with traumatic memories, by putting painful emotions and thoughts into (verbal) words, is associated with psychophysiological benefits. Self-confrontation may be invoked during sessions and enhanced by structural assignments, which the(More)
This study investigates the association between objective and subjective characteristics of childhood sexual abuse and psychopathology in later life. The sample consists of 404 Dutch female adults who had been sexually abused in their childhood or adolescence. The participants were recruited by means of articles about childhood sexual abuse in major Dutch(More)
Data are presented on the factorial structure, internal consistency, and validity of the Dutch adaptation of the Buss-Durkee Hostility Inventory (the BDHI-D). Factor analyses of the responses of 463 subjects revealed two scales measuring Overt Aggression and Covert Aggression. The reliability of both subscales is good. Concordance with other self-report(More)