Gerrit Buse

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The sparse grid discretization technique enables a compressed representation of higher-dimensional functions. In its original form, it relies heavily on recursion and complex data structures, thus being far from well-suited for GPUs. In this paper, we describe optimizations that enable us to implement compression and decompression, the crucial sparse grid(More)
In a complex processor landscape dominated by multi-and many-core processors, simplifying programming plays a crucial role in enhancing developers' productivity. One way is to use highly tuned library functions. In this paper we present fastsg, an optimized library for the sparse grid technique with support for dimensional truncation. With optimizations for(More)
—Understanding the influence of multiple parameters in a complex simulation setting is a difficult task. In the ideal case, the scientist can freely steer such a simulation and is immediately presented with the results for a certain configuration of the input parameters. Such an exploration process is however not possible if the simulation is(More)
I hereby declare that this thesis is entirely the result of my own work except where otherwise indicated. I have only used the resources given in the list of references. Acknowledgments I would never have been able to finish my thesis without the guidance of my scientific advisor, help from friends and support from my family. I would like to express my(More)
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