Gerri E. Hutson

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Forty-eight pigs were fostered at 2 to 9 h or at 2, 4, or 7 d of age to determine age-related differences in the behavioral interactions between fostered pigs, resident pigs, and the sow during the first 6 h after fostering. Pigs were fostered in pairs to sows with litters of comparable age. In each test, the two fostered pigs and two resident pigs of(More)
Black-headed gulls nesting on islands in a marsh habitat had a higher breeding success than those nesting on the periphery of the colony. Island birds maintained close inter-nest distances whereas peripheral nests were spaced further apart as predation of eggs increased. These changes in spacing corresponded with changes in the response distances of(More)
A novel class of chiral 5,5'-di(2,4,6-trialkyl)aryl salen-metal complexes have been developed and shown to catalyze highly enantioselective Nazarov cyclization reactions, giving rise to cyclopentenoids in 90:10-98:2 er. Significantly, the catalysts also promote, for the first time, highly enantioselective Nazarov reactions of "unactivated" dienones,(More)
The responses of individual growing pigs to 60 stimuli from five sensory categories were evaluated as an initial step in developing a behavioural measure of welfare. Pigs were exposed to the stimuli in a test pen after being trained to eat from a food box adjacent to a stimulus presentation box. The pen design allowed easy expression of approachravoidance(More)
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