Gerolamo Chiappino

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We discuss the translocation of inhaled asbestos fibers based on pulmonary and pleuro-pulmonary interstitial fluid dynamics. Fibers can pass the alveolar barrier and reach the lung interstitium via the paracellular route down a mass water flow due to combined osmotic (active Na+ absorption) and hydraulic (interstitial pressure is subatmospheric) pressure(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study investigated the olfactory function in workers exposed to moderate airborne cadmium (Cd) levels, with the purpose of identifying possible early adverse effects of the metal, not demonstrable with the traditional diagnostic methods. METHODS The exposed group consisted of 33 men employed in cadmium fusion, sintering and alloys(More)
To complete our previous study which evaluated by TEM the atmospheric concentrations of asbestos in the urban areas of Milan, Casale Monferrato, Brescia, Ancona, Bologna and Florence, the concentrations measured in Rome, Orbassano and in two mountain test locations, one with serpentine rock (Valle di Susa) and the other with granitic rock (Adamello), are(More)
The cellular localization of allotypes in rabbit lymphoid tissues has been studied by immunofluorescence. In heterozygous animals the double staining for two allotypes controlled by allelic genes (A1 and A2; A4 and A5; A4 and A6) has shown the existence of two populations of plasma cells, one containing one allotype and the other the alternative one. The(More)
The exposure to asbestos (on workplaces and in environment) remains an open problem of greatest importance, even though asbestos has been proclaimed since 1992. The work physician must carefully identify the various work exposures in different jobs and practices, but he must above all acquire the best knowledges for a good diagnosis of every asbestos(More)
The effect of infective, immunological, and irritative factors on the onset and development of silicosis after intratracheal inoculation with 50 mg of tridymite was investigated on 220 specific pathogen free (SPF) female Sprague-Dawley rats. Even after 12 months the rats, always kept in SPF conditions after intratracheal injection of the dust, showed mainly(More)
Mineral fibre concentrations and characteristics were evaluated by the same electron microscope methods in 15 bronchoalveolar lavage samples and in 40 surgical lung tissue samples of subjects with no occupational exposure to asbestos. Both fibre alveolar load and lung burden evaluated by transmission electron microscopy were higher in the groups of(More)