Gernot Standfest

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The impregnation process of Scots pine and beech samples with tannin solutions was investigated. The two materials involved in the process (impregnation solution and wood samples) are studied in depth. Viscosity of mimosa tannin solutions and the anatomical aspect of beech and Scots pine were analysed and correlated. The viscosity of tannin solutions(More)
The paper describes for the first time the analysis of the structure of compressed wood using computed tomography. The anatomical structures of Douglas-fir and hybrid poplar before and after densification with the viscoelastic thermal compression (VTC) process were described by pore size distributions and mean pore sizes and compared. The compression of(More)
In dieser Arbeit wurden die Rohdichteprofile von drei verschiedenen industriell hergestellten Holzwerkstoffplatten (Spanplatte, MDF, OSB) mittels eines herkömmlichen Röntgen-Durchstrahlungsverfahrens sowie mittels industrieller Computertomographie (CT) untersucht. Die rekonstruierten Graustufenbilder der gewonnenen CT-Daten wurden für die Berechnung eines(More)
The possibility of fabricating SiC ceramics using special wood-based materials has been shown in previous research. To form accurate SiC bodies from wood-based green templates, special shaping techniques are necessary to fulfill the requirements on the finished ceramic products. Due to the fact that wood-based green templates undergo shrinkage during(More)
This paper describes the pore sizes and their distribution in common wood based panels, in particular various samples of oriented strand board (OSB) and particleboard (PB). Industrial computer tomography with various resolutions was used to generate images of the samples investigated. Various layers from the outer surfaces and the core layers of the scanned(More)
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