Gernot Schullerus

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den Boom, " Optimal input signal design for identification of max-plus-linear systems, " Abstract The present contribution addresses the problem of designing an adequate persistent excitation for state space identification of max–plus–linear systems. The persistent excitation is designed using the same techniques that have recently been developed for model(More)
In the article the problem of output setpoint tracking for affine non-linear system is considered. Presented approach combines state feedback linearization and homotopy numerical continuation in subspaces of phase space where feedback lin-earization fails. The method of numerical parameter continuation for solving systems of nonlinear equations is(More)
—Optimal control of magnetizing current for minimizing induction motor power losses during load torque step change was developed. Original problem was slightly simplified and exactly optimal control was obtained for modified formulation. Obtained strategy has feedback form and is exactly optimal for ideal speed controller performance and absence of(More)
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