Gernot Brunner

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Interactions between the cumulus-oophorus and the oocyte have been implicated in the regulation of meiotic maturation. Quantitative analysis of freeze-fractured rat cumulus-oocyte complexes reveals that the net area of cumulus cell gap junction membrane decreases about 15-fold, 2-3 hr following an ovulatory stimulus. This dramatic loss of gap junctions is(More)
The presence of functional T cells is often required for successful resolution of infections with intracellular pathogens, yet the mechanisms by which they contribute to elimination of the invading pathogen in primary and secondary immunity are only partly understood. We report that increased mortality of naive alpha/beta TCR+ or CD4+ T cell-depleted mice(More)
To study development, growth patterns and morphology of metastatic schwannomas in an animal model, adult Lewis rats were injected intravenously with tissue culture cells derived from a malignant schwannoma induced in a female LEW/mai rat by transplacental administration of ethylnitrosourea (ENU). Groups of animals received a single injection of 0.1 x 10(5);(More)
BACKGROUND "The Surgical Safety Checklist (SSC) is important, but we don't use it adequately" is a well-suited statement that reflects the SSC's application in hospitals. Our aim was to follow up on our initial study on compliance (2014) by analysing differences between individual perception and compliance with the SSC. METHODS We conducted a follow-up(More)
BACKGROUND A surgical safety checklist (SSC) was implemented and routinely evaluated within our hospital. The purpose of this study was to analyze compliance, knowledge of and satisfaction with the SSC to determine further improvements. METHODS The implementation of the SSC was observed in a pilot unit. After roll-out into each operating theater,(More)
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