Germano Vasconcelos

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Masonry is the oldest building material that survived until today, being used all over the world and being present in the most impressive historical structures as an evidence of spirit of enterprise of ancient cultures. Conservation, rehabilitation and strengthening of the built heritage and protection of human lives are clear demands of modern societies.(More)
With the consolidation of PACS and RIS systems, the development of algorithms for tissue segmentation and diseases detection have intensely evolved in recent years. These algorithms have advanced to improve its accuracy and specificity, however, there is still some way until these algorithms achieved satisfactory error rates and reduced processing time to(More)
Nowadays, there is an increasing need for alternative construction technologies that allow, among others, reducing construction wastes and energy consumption during the buildings’ life-cycle. In this context, this paper presents results of a research project which goal is to develop an innovative solution for partition walls. This solution is based on a(More)
Artificial neural networks (ANN) and related algorithms have been successfully applied to many pattern classification applications. In credit risk analysis, simple networks such as the multilayer perceptron (MLP) working alone and as ensembles have shown attractive performances when compared to more traditional statistical techniques and other market(More)
Recently has grown the development of Computer-aided Detection Systems - CAD to improve the diagnosis of diseases identifying it at the initials stages using medical images. In this work is made a analysis of the performance of an algorithm for lung region extraction in computed tomography exams - CT. The implementation was made in MATLAB and applied to 9(More)
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