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Laboratory research on the tubificids Psammoryctides barbatus and Spirosperma ferox was done. Embryonic development time, growth, time required to attain the first cocoon laying and egg production were estimated at different temperatures and population densities. The results allow us to demonstrate some intrinsic density regulation mechanisms in the(More)
Carbon blacks used in tire production have been examined for their polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (P.A.H.) content. The analytical procedures commonly adopted are discussed. The results obtained show that, A benzene extraction time of 250 hours is necessary to obtain complete extraction, but for practical purposes, an extraction time of 150 hours is(More)
A theoretical underpinning of the standard model of fundamental particles and interactions is CPT invariance, which requires that the laws of physics be invariant under the combined discrete operations of charge conjugation, parity and time reversal. Antimatter, the existence of which was predicted by Dirac, can be used to test the CPT theorem-experimental(More)
We have developed a new method, based on the ballistic transfer of preaccumulated plasmas, to obtain large and dense positron plasmas in a cryogenic environment. The method involves transferring plasmas emanating from a region with a low magnetic field (0.14 T) and relatively high pressure (10(-9) mbar) into a 15 K Penning-Malmberg trap immersed in a 3 T(More)
The muon tomography technique, based on the multiple Coulomb scattering of cosmic ray muons, has been proposed recently as a tool to perform non-destructive assays of large volume objects without any radiation hazard. In this paper we present the experimental results obtained with a scanning system prototype, assembled using two large area CMS Muon Barrel(More)
  • C. Bonacina, A. Pasteris, G. Bonomi, D. Marzuoli
  • 2004
Cohorts of Branchiura sowerbyi were reared at different temperatures and initial population densities in order to obtain data suitable for the interpretation of population dynamics in field populations. Percent hatching from cocoons reaches its maximum at 25 °C and decreases towards lower and higher temperatures. Embryonic development time, TE, was measured(More)
A high statistics measurement of the Lambda(+)(c) lifetime from the Fermilab fixed-target FOCUS photoproduction experiment is presented. We describe the analysis technique with particular attention to the determination of the systematic uncertainty. The measured value of 204.6 +/- 3.4 (stat) +/- 2.5 (syst) fs from 8034 +/- 122 Lambda(+)(c)-->pK(-)pi(+)(More)
The AEGIS experiment, currently being set up at the Antiproton Decelerator at CERN, has the objective of studying the free fall of antimatter in the Earth's gravitational field by means of a pulsed cold atomic beam of antihydrogen atoms. Both duration of free fall and vertical displacement of the horizontally emitted atoms will be measured, allowing a first(More)
Antihydrogen can be synthesized by mixing antiprotons and positrons in a Penning trap environment. Here an experiment to stimulate the formation of antihydrogen in the n = 11 quantum state by the introduction of light from a CO2 continuous wave laser is described. An overall upper limit of 0.8% with 90% C.L. on the laser-induced enhancement of the(More)