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The Paris Years
After disembarking at Marseilles, Campanella wrote a letter in Latin to the Provencal scholar Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc on 29 October 1634, informing him of his arrival on French soil andExpand
The New Encyclopedia of Knowledge
Having overcome the most difficult period of imprisonment (a period that surprisingly gave rise to remarkable texts such as the Senso delle cose, the Poesie, and the Ateismo trionfato), CampanellaExpand
Tommaso Campanella: The Book and the Body of Nature
I. The Book of Nature. 1. "I was seduced by Telesio" 2. Philosophy Demonstrated through the Senses. 3. From Naples to Padua. Encounters, Conflicts, Trials. II. From the Palace of Atlas to the WayExpand
A Story in the History of Scholarship: The Rediscovery of Tommaso Campanella
The attempt at reconciling Renaissance natural philosophy with the new foundations for the entire encyclopaedia of knowledge and a radical reform of society may be considered as the most originalExpand
In the Cave of Polyphemus
In the very first lines of the Syntagma, Campanella recalled his own precocious and natural aptitude for poetic expression. As an adult, this aptitude took on a certain poignancy and sharpness, andExpand
The Disappointment of Liberty
After extensive negotiations, unfulfilled promises, and worrying delays, a royal letter finally arrived in Naples from Madrid in March 1626 that asked the Viceroy to take a final decision regardingExpand
The Palace of Atlas
In October 1594, the suspects entered the prison of the Holy Office, where the famous philosopher Giordano Bruno and the Florentine heretic Francesco Pucci were already being held. ColantonioExpand