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Constructing the Official Patriotic Myth in Multiethnic and Multilingual society: The Case of Habsburg Monarchy, 1805-1832
The paper deals with the issues of constructing a supranational identity in the Austrian Empire. Originally being a reaction to revolutionary ideas transferred from France throughout Europe,Expand
"Für Gott, Kaiser und Vaterland!" : newspaper "Väterlandische Blätter für Österreichischen Staat" as propaganda organ of Austrian struggle against Napoleon (1808–1809)
This paper deals with the problem of mobilization of the society in favor of governmental foreign policy actions in Austria within 1808–1809. The Austrian government during the period of 1805–1809Expand
A ‘Secret alliance’ or ‘Freedom from any alliances’? NATO accession debate in Sweden and Finland, 1991—2016
The authors analyze the NATO relations with Sweden and Finland, the neutral states of Northern Europe, in 1991—2016. The authors emphasize that Finland and Sweden have always been of high strategicExpand