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Currently there are many standards that impinge on accessibility issues regarding users' models, learning scenarios, interaction preferences, devices capabilities, metadata for specifying the delivery of any resource to meet users' needs, and software accessibility and usability. Each standard represents a different viewpoint with its own sets of goals and(More)
The complexity of authoring adaptive learning designs and the extra effort and technical knowledge required for course designers restrains the actual application of adaptive course delivery in real settings. Our research works focuses on alleviating the workload for the course designer by applying artificial intelligence techniques that automate part of the(More)
Objective: To describe the findings that the population has in conditions of forced displacement on the attributes of accessibility, timeliness, continuity, integrity and warmth of the institutions providing health services. Methodology: the proportional sample was calculated and then the questionnaire was applied to displaced population living in three(More)
OBJECTIVES To characterize adult patients with sleep apnea attending Pereira's sleep apnea clinic between July and August 2011. METHODS Cross-sectional descriptive study. A personal semi-structured survey was performed, with full medical history, focused on perceived symptoms of mental and non-mental comorbidity. RESULTS Fourty-three patients with(More)
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