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Honey bees [Apis mellifera L. (Apidae, Hymenoptera)] show spatial learning behavior or orientation, in which animals make use of structured home ranges for their daily activities. Worker (female) orientation has been studied more extensively than drone (male) orientation. Given the extensive and large flight range of drones as part of their reproductive(More)
Vitamin D 3 is believed to reduce the risk of colon cancer, and serum levels inversely correlate with colorectal cancer incidence. The active metabolite, 1␣,25-dihydroxyvitamin D 3 , has previously been shown to inhibit growth and promote differentiation of colon cancer cells. The vitamin D analogue, EB1089, is currently under clinical trial in a variety of(More)
Geographic and mathematic analyses of historical maps require highly accurate adjustments to manuscripts in order to eliminate distortions caused by time and use. Earlier proposals for electronic restoration only offered effective solutions when compensating for tightly bound or straightly creased books. Applying a different solution, we have encountered a(More)
Revisión de tema Alteración en la regulación de la apoptosis vía Fas/FasL en cáncer gástriconesis gástrica, en sus diferentes estadios. Abstract Gastric cancer is an important neoplastic disease in all around the world because its high incidence and mortality. Otherwise, apoptosis is a key process of programmed cell death during embryogenesis, regulation of(More)
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