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Pathological and age-related changes may affect an individual’s gait, in turn raising the risk of falls. In elderly, falls are common and may eventuate in severe injuries, long-term disabilities, and even death. Thus, there is interest in estimating the risk of falls from gait analysis. Estimation of the risk of falls requires consideration of the(More)
In many classification problems, and in particular in medical domains, it is common to have an unbalanced class distribution. This pose problems to classifiers as they tend to perform poorly in the minority class which is often the class of interest. One commonly used strategy that to improve the classification performance is to select a subset of relevant(More)
Resumen Se propone una estrategia de Programación Lógica con Restricciones orientada a resolver un problema de " scheduling " en el que interviene un parámetro cua-litativo. La estrategia propuesta se aplica al problema de la búsqueda de diversas secuencias de películas de cine a las que un usuario puede asistir, tales que satis-facen una serie de(More)
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