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This study analyzes changes in the distribution, electrophysiological properties, and proteic composition of voltage-gated sodium channels (NaV) in cultured adult rat skeletal muscle fibers. Patch clamp and molecular biology techniques were carried out in flexor digitorum brevis (FDB) adult rat skeletal muscle fibers maintained in vitro after cell(More)
Sea bass spermatozoa are maintained immotile in the seminal fluid, but initiate swimming for 45 s at 20 degrees C, immediately after dispersion in a hyperosmotic medium (1100 mOsm kg-1). The duration of this motile period could be extended by a reduction of the amplitude of the hyperosmotic shock. Five seconds after the initiation of motility, 94.4 +/- 1.8%(More)
Transient expression of the luciferase gene, under transcriptional control of several heterologous promoters, was obtained in heart primary cell cultures of the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas. Drosophila heat shock protein 70 promoter (hsp70), cytomegalovirus, and simian virus early promoters, controlling the luciferase gene, were transfected into the(More)
Merkel cells (MCs) associated with nerve terminals constitute MC-neurite complexes, which are involved in slowly-adapting type I mechanoreception. Although MCs are known to express voltage-gated Ca2+ channels and hypotonic-induced membrane deformation is known to lead to Ca2+ transients, whether MCs initiate mechanotransduction is currently unknown. To(More)
The comet assay is a single cell gel electrophoresis test currently used as a qualitative and quantitative genotoxicity test. However, some of the results from this comet assay and current knowledge on apoptosis lead us to suspect the presence of some false positive results. The aim of this study was to ascertain if apoptotic cells can yield comet images(More)
Critical illness polyneuromyopathy (CIP) leads to major muscle weakness correlated with peripheral nerve and/or muscle alterations. Because sepsis seems to be the main factor, we used an experimental model of chronic sepsis in rats to study the localization of the first alterations on isolated motor units of soleus muscle. Seven days of chronic sepsis leads(More)
Stimulation of MAP kinase signal transduction pathway by various stressful stimuli was investigated in the marine bivalve Mytilus galloprovincialis. Analyses were performed in animals exposed in laboratory to selected pollutants and in mussels collected in winter and summer along the eastern Adriatic coast (Croatia). Effects of oxidative stress, induced by(More)
The interdependence between motility, respiration, ATP production, and utilization was investigated in intact spermatozoa of turbot (Psetta maxima), a marine teleost. When spermatozoa were diluted in a hyperosmotic medium (>300 mOsmol/kg), they immediately became motile, and the intracellular concentration of ATP as well as the adenylate energy charge ratio(More)
Sangre de drago (SD) is a viscous bright red resin collected from Croton lechleri trees that grow in the South American jungle. This sap is used extensively in the native pharmacopoeia to treat skin disorders. Its effectiveness as an inhibitor of neurogenic inflammation has been recently demonstrated. To understand the underlying mechanisms of these(More)