Germán Pablo Sandoval

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The literature has closely observed otic symptoms (and other craniofacial complaints) in temporomandibular disorders; however, there is little evidence for an association between the two. This review tries to provide an integrated biological basis for otic symptoms in temporomandibular disorders from both anatomical and physiological points of view; it also(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess patterns of recruitment into a community-based NCI-funded physical activity and dietary lifestyle change program targeting African-American women. DESIGN Acquisition of a convenience sample to be screened for participation in a randomized, controlled prevention intervention. SETTING African-American-owned and -operated health club(More)
This work seeks to alert medical and odontological staff to understanding and using interdisciplinary handling for detecting different pathologies common otic symptoms. It offers better tools for this shared symptomatology during therapy s conservative phase. Tensor tympani muscle physiology and function in the middle ear have been veiled, even when their(More)
The bond between temporomandibular disorders and referred craniofacial symptomatology is more and more evident. In it subsists the prevailing necessity of understanding the temporomandibular disorders and the cranio-cervico-facial referred symptomatology from a neurophysiologic and muscle-skeletal perspective contained in the stomatognatic system. Diagnosis(More)
Middle ear muscles have a common embryological and functional origin with masticatory and facial muscles. Therefore, symptoms referred to the ear may originate from the stomatognathic area. When a primary otological cause is discarded in the diagnostic work up for tinnitus, vertigo, hypoacousia, hyperacousia, ear pain or sensation of occluded ear, a(More)
The diagnosis of craniofacial pain is conditioned by the interdisciplinary management of its presentation especially in the absence of unique and objective signs. Bursitis is a pathological entity recently found in the hamular area and should be included in the diagnosis for exclusion of temporomandibular disorders (TMD), ear-nose-throat pathologies, due to(More)
The University of Nottingham ( is one of the leading universities in the UK. It is research intensive and global in its outlook. Operation Wallacea ( is a conservation research organisation specialising in tropical forest and coral reef science and conservation. The two organisations have joined forces in the Parque(More)
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