Germán Madinabeitia

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this paper is to provide a further step toward the decentralization of identification and demographic information about persons by solving issues related to the integration of demographic agents in a federated healthcare environment. The aim is to identify a particular person in every system of a federation and to obtain a unified(More)
In this paper we introduce an ontology that covers all the terminology involved in the ODP standard. This ontology has been extended with concepts taken from the prEN12967 in order to apply it in the healthcare domain. Describing components formally and using this ontology, their semantic integration can be eased together with the benefits derived from the(More)
The standard V.24 describes the communication between a terminal (PC) and a Modem. This interface is studied in the subject Network, Systems and Services Architecture (ARSS), during the second course of Telecommunication Engineering in the University of Seville. In addition to the master classes the students have a practical exercise, in order to deepen in(More)
The increment of life expectancy in our society, and the consequent population ageing, anticipate that the health sector must face the challenges associated with a growing population group of elderly patients with numerous disorders, generally chronic. In this work we introduce a framework to support the communication and information management tasks(More)