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This paper analyses the use of LOM Application Profiles for learning object repository interoperability. Based on an exemplifying use case the paper presents a case study, which aims at developing a LOM Application Profile to realized Smart Spaces for Learning. Finally, a schema is designed which selects the necessary LOM elements and makes a LOM-conformant(More)
In this paper, we describe an integrated document management system based on the object-oriented database system OMS. The underlying idea is to replace the current vision of a le system with that of a document database system, thereby ooering higher-level user support for the management of all forms of computer-stored information and work activities. The(More)
Energy consumption in caches depends on the number of enabled sets/ways/blocks. The optimal energy consumption is the case of one set/one way/one block enabled. This paper proposes an algorithm to map cache line to one block in fully associative cache by XOR'ing the address with constant. Bit selection is applied to the result and the block accessed. Only(More)
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