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Numerous oceanographic processes involved in the transport and survival of larval stages of marine organisms, as well as, in nutrient and phytoplankton delivery, occur in nearshore waters. Yet, while large-scale oceanographic patterns are relatively well known for central Chile, little information exists on temporal and spatial variation in the nearshore(More)
In this work in progress we present early results in the process of understanding how interactive dance visualizations can inspire coordinated dance moves between dancers in informal contexts. Inspired by observations at nightclubs and parties with DJs, we designed an interactive dance visualization prototype called "Canvas Dance" and evaluated it in a user(More)
Parties, festivals and nightclubs where people gather to dance often provide some entertainment technology that complements music with visual media, however they do not offer any kind of interactivity to the people dancing. We propose a new entertainment technology that complements music with an interactive visualization animated by the dance moves of the(More)
Professional interaction designers and software developers have different trainings and skills, yet they need to closely collaborate to create interactive systems. We conducted three studies to understand the mismatches between their processes, tools and representations. Based on 16 interviews, we found that current practices induce unnecessary rework and(More)
This paper describes the features that a programming environment should have in order to help learning the object-oriented programming (OOP) paradigm and let students get the skills needed to build software using objects very quickly. This proposal is centered on providing graphical tools to help understand the concepts of the paradigm and let students(More)
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