Germán Larrazábal

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In this work we perform an experimental study of iterative methods for solving large sparse linear systems arising from a second-order 2D mimetic discretization. The model problem is the 2D Poisson equation with different boundary conditions. We use GMRES with the restarted parameter and BiCGstab as iterative methods. We also use various preconditioning(More)
We present a parallel algebraic preconditioner for the Schur complement system. This preconditioner aims to be a robust black box solver for commercial Finite Element packages. The preconditioner is based in a strongly dropped factorization of the A ii matrices. Two levels of par-allelism are exploited using PVM and openMP. The precon-ditioner is tested(More)
The flow generated by a sphere descending uniformly in a linearly stratified diffusive fluid is investigated numerically for different Reynolds (Re) and Froude (F) numbers. The parameters used for the simulations were 10 −1 ≤ Re ≤ 10 and 10 −2 ≤ F ≤ 10 2 , keeping the Schmidt number, Sc (= 700, typical of sea water) fixed. The results demonstrate drag(More)
Keywords: Directed graphs Mathematical modeling Simulation Steam power cycles Geothermal electricity production Water thermodynamical properties a b s t r a c t In this work, the study, modeling and simulation of custom designed geothermal power plant production processes are presented. A model based on the thermodynamical steam power cycles theory is(More)
In this work, we present an efficient parallel implementation of a depth migration RTM (Reverse Time Migration) method to obtain a seismic image. This migration technique is based on the parallel solution of the acoustic wave propagation in 2D using a finite difference scheme. We have implemented a domain decomposition on the geological section and exploit(More)
Sucrose forms a dicationic complex with cobalt(III)bis(phenanthroline) which can be isolated as the sparingly water-soluble triiodide salt or the water-soluble chloride. The circular dichroism (CD) spectrum demonstrates the Delta configuration at Co(III) and the presence of two phenanthroline and one sucrose residues in the complex. The O-2(g)--O-1(f)(More)
The process of exploring and exploiting Oil and Gas (O&G) generates a lot of data that can bring more efficiency to the industry. The opportunities for using data mining techniques in the"digital oil-field"remain largely unexplored or uncharted. With the high rate of data expansion, companies are scrambling to develop ways to develop near-real-time(More)
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