Germán López-Gartner

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The knowledge of population structure is important to determine the degree of linkage disequilibrium, which allows the selection of genotypes for association mapping. Using 47 SSR markers, the genetic variability and population structure of 68 accessions of C. arabica (wild and cultivated) and of three diploid species used as reference were evaluated. The(More)
Fungi represent a large group of biodiverse microorganisms with potential applications ranging from industrial fields to the treatment for human diseases. A large number of pharmacologically active compounds including terpenoids, polysaccharides and proteins have been derived from these microorganisms. Fungal Immunomodulatory Proteins (FIPs) are a group of(More)
INTRODUCTION In extended and multigenerational pedigrees, the idiopathic epilepsy phenotype shows an extreme variability. OBJECTIVE The range of idiopathic epilepsy onset age in multigenerational pedigrees was studied in order to determine if genetic anticipation play a role in the heredity of Idiopathic Epilepsies. PATIENTS AND METHODS We compare the(More)
The need to process large quantities of data generated from genomic sequencing has resulted in a difficult task for life scientists who are not familiar with the use of command-line operations or developments in high performance computing and parallelization. This knowledge gap, along with unfamiliarity with necessary processes, can hinder the execution of(More)
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