Germán Infante

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A high-sensitivity ac hysteresis loop tracer has been developed to measure the low frequency hysteresis loop of soft magnetic materials. It has been applied successfully to characterize straight pieces of amorphous glass-covered microwires with metallic nucleus down to 1.5 microm thick. Based on the electromagnetic induction law, the proposed design is(More)
The damping mechanisms affecting the motion of a single domain wall were studied in a thin bistable magnetic wire. It was found that the overall damping is frequency and temperature dependent through the locally induced anisotropy via structural relaxation. This phenomenon can increase the overall damping by one order of magnitude and enables an effective(More)
A single domain wall (DW) moves at linearly increasing velocity under an increasing homogeneous drive magnetic field. Present experiments show that the DW is braked and finally trapped at a given position when an additional antiparallel local magnetic field is applied. That position and its velocity are further controlled by suitable tuning of the local(More)
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X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) was used to define the chemical composition of the outermost surface layer and the surface modification of a plasma-coated phospho-silicate glass (identified as BVA) when immersed in K-phosphate buffer or in phosphate buffered human albumin solution. Its behavior was compared with that of a soda-lime-based glass(More)
The giant magnetoimpedance of an 8.5 m glass-covered amorphous microwire was investigated in the frequency range of 10 MHz–3.5 GHz. It was found that when the exciting microwave current exceeds some threshold value, a periodic fine structure appears in the frequency dependence of the complex impedance. The appearance of this nonlinear phenomenon is(More)
New derivatives of isoindole -4,7-dione have been synthesized and their radiation sensitization and chemical behavior have been studied. One-electron reduction potentials have been determined by pulse radiolysis and found to be in the range of -0.45 to -0.36 V vs NHE . Radiosensitization effects were tested in vivo using soft tissue sarcoma transplanted in(More)
Glasses incorporating increasing amounts of bovine serum albumin were prepared by sol-gel techniques from a tetra methoxy silane precursor. The surface of the glass samples was studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, revealing that the protein is present also in the superficial layer of the silica network. Moreover, the protein is distributed in a(More)
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