Germán Herrero Cárcel

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Nowadays, tourists have access to a lot of different web sites in order to find information about destinations. This has a direct impact on tourism destination management organizations and tourism providers. These stakeholders have a lot of problems in order to find reliable and up-to-date information about their destinations. This paper presents an(More)
Ontological representation of the health domain is widespread. In particular the semantic description of drugs is being tackled in several ongoing initiatives. However, the resultant ontologies tend to be large and unmanageable. In recent years recommendations go towards the use of smaller, dynamic and interlinked ontologies to ease the ontology life-cycle.(More)
Knowledge intensive sectors, such as the pharmaceutical, have typically to face the problem of dealing with heterogeneous and vast amounts of information. In these scenarios discovery, integration and easy access to the knowledge are the most important factors. The use of semantics to classify meaningfully the information and to bridge the gap between the(More)
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