Germán H. Alférez

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Model-driven techniques have proven to yield significant benefits for context-aware systems. Specifically, semantically-rich models are used at runtime to monitor the system context and guide necessary changes. Under the closed-world assumption, adaptations are fully known at design time. Nevertheless, it is difficult to foresee all the possible situations(More)
Web applications are a key element in the eWorld because of the ubiquity and flexibility they provide. As a result, it is necessary to find new ways to develop software product lines (SPLs) of Web applications in order to improve important factors such as time-to-market and product quality. This paper presents an aspect-oriented product line framework to(More)
Mass customization is the new frontier in business competition for both manufacturing and service industries. To improve customer satisfaction, reduce lead-times and shorten costs, families of similar products are built jointly by combining reusable parts that implement the features demanded by the customers. To guarantee the validity of the products(More)
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