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Neuroprotective effect of alpha-asarone on spatial memory and nitric oxide levels in rats injected with amyloid-β(25–35)
The chemical alpha-asarone is an important active substance of the Acori graminei rhizome (AGR). It has pharmacological effects that include antihyperlipidemic, antiinflammatory, and antioxidantExpand
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Antiviral activity of Spirulina maxima against herpes simplex virus type 2.
Spirulina has been used in a variety of practical applications in biotechnology and medical sciences. This paper presents the antiviral activity found in a hot water extract (HWE) of a commercialExpand
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Amyloid-β25–35 impairs memory and increases NO in the temporal cortex of rats
beta-Amyloid plays an important role in the neurodegeneration process of Alzheimer's disease (AD), but its neurotoxic mechanisms are not clear. It has been associated with the increase of oxidativeExpand
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Design of new potent hypolipidemic agents with the synergistic structural properties of α‐asarone and fibrates
The series of bioisosteric analogs 9–17 were designed based on the potential pharmacophores of the highly hypolipidemic agents, α‐asarone (1), and fibrates such as clofibrate (2) and fenofibrate (3).Expand
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Teratogenic effects of Plectranthus fruticosus essential oil in mice
The teratogenic potential of Plectranthus fruticosus essential oil was evaluated in Swiss‐OF1 mice injected subcutaneously. They received daily 0, 15, 45 or 135 mg/kg body weight on days 6 to 15 ofExpand
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Dominant lethal study of α‐asarone in male and female mice after sub‐chronic treatment
Dominant lethal studies were conducted in male and female mice with α‐asarone, the active hypolipidaemic component of Guatteria gaumeri Greenman, by per os sub‐chronic treatment (10 and 20 mg/kg, 5Expand
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Dominant lethal study of α-asarone in male mice
Abstract α-Asarone is a hypolipidaemic agent obtained from Guatteria gaumeri, a medical plant used in Mexico to treat hypercholesteraemia and cholelithiasis. α-Asarone has been shown to beExpand
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Dominant lethal study of Spirulina maxima in male and female rats after short‐term feeding
The algae Spirulina maxima has been considered for use as a supplementary protein in feed and food, as well as an hypocholesterolaemic and antiherpes simplex virus agent. In this paper the mutagenicExpand
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Hypolipidaemic activity of dimethoxy unconjugated propenyl side‐chain analogs of α‐asarone in mice
The hypolipidaemic activity of several dimethoxy unconjugated propenyl side‐chain analogs of α‐asarone were investigated in hyperlipidaemic mice after six days of treatment. Eugenol and the α‐asaroneExpand
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