Germán Creamer

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This paper provides a novel algorithm for automatically extracting social hierarchy data from electronic communication behavior. The algorithm is based on data mining user behaviors to automatically analyze and catalog patterns of communications between entities in a email collection to extract social standing. The advantage to such automatic methods is(More)
Semantic frames are a rich linguistic resource. There has been much work on semantic frame parsers, but less that applies them to general NLP problems. We address a task to predict change in stock price from financial news. Semantic frames help to generalize from specific sentences to scenarios, and to detect the (positive or negative) roles of specific(More)
We propose a multi-stock automated trading system that relies on a layered structure consisting of a machine learning algorithm, an online learning utility, and a risk management overlay. Alternating decision tree (ADT), which is implemented with Logitboost, was chosen as the underlying algorithm. One of the strengths of our approach is that the algorithm(More)
We present our work on automatically extracting social hierarchies from electronic communication data. Data mining based on user behavior can be leveraged to analyze and catalog patterns of communications between entities to rank relationships. The advantage is that the analysis can be done in an automatic fashion and can adopt itself to organizational(More)
The objective of this paper is to demonstrate how the boosting approach can be used to quantify the corporate governance risk in the case of Latin American markets. We compare our results using Adaboost with logistic regression, bagging, and random forests. We conduct tenfold cross-validation experiments on one sample of Latin American American Depository(More)
Previous work [1] reported on our research in developing a data mining environment for analyzing email communication data. In this paper, we describe our extensions to EMT for applying forensic discovery over temporal email data. The goal is to produce a semi-automatic system to aid in evidence discovery and a host of other applications. We describe our(More)
The objective of this paper is to present and discuss a link mining algorithm called CorpInterlock and its application to the financial domain. This algorithm selects the largest strongly connected component of a social network and ranks its vertices using several indicators of distance and centrality. These indicators are merged with other relevant(More)
This paper proposes a hybrid human machine system based on an expert weighting algorithm that combines the responses of both humans and machine learning algorithms. The general topic of the paper is the use of the crowd to interpret text, and the power of that interpretation to predict future events. This topic is addressed through an experiment, in which(More)