Gerlinde Fischer

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Secretion of alpha-amylase by the human parotid gland increased significantly during eight days of hyperbaric exposure. This hyperactivity of the parotid gland presumably resulted from increased autonomic nervous system (ANS) activity attributable to (1)psychological stress in the form of anticipation; (2) dive-related factors, i.e., hyperoxia, PN2,(More)
Students completed a questionnaire measuring acceptance of forcible date rape, attitudes toward women, sexual knowledge, sexual experience, tolerance of socially unapproved sexual behavior, and religiosity. Findings suggested that persons relatively more accepting of forcible date rape are less sure it really is rape, have more traditional attitudes toward(More)
Studies of color pecking preferences in newly hatched chicks (Gallus domesticus) have shown unimodal preference in the orange region of the spectrum or bimodal preferences at blue and orange. In the present study, dark-harched White Leghorn chicks were tested in darkness with targets illuminated at 1 or 3 radiant intensity levels. Results showed the least(More)
About 1 in 4 college males admit to having lied or made false promises to have sex. In sex survey data reported here, 22% of 634 men lied an average of 4 times, but the modal number was 1, and 59% lied fewer than 4 times. Of the men who lied, 71% admitted to having been drinking at least some of these times. Lies told fell mostly into two subjective(More)