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— The upsurge in the expansion of technology and new scientific innovations extended its boom even in farming, coining " precision agriculture ". Hitherto, the agricultural practices followed by the farmers are arduous, involving a great physical effort from the side of farmers. The usage of different kinds of sensors and their efficient way of networking(More)
The present work is the first systematic and large scale study on radioactive materials and heavy metals in surface soil around the Bayanwula prospective uranium mining area in China. In this work, both natural and anthropogenic radionuclides and heavy metals in 48 surface soil samples were analyzed using High Purity Germanium (HPGe) γ spectrometry and(More)
— Spectrum estimation of multi band signal by using non-uniformly sampled input signal and recursive least square based adaptive FIR filter is discussed in this paper. This paper utilizes the non-uniform sampling scheme proposed by Tarczyn-ski[2] to identify all the bands present in the input signal.This method requires lesser number of samples to represent(More)
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