Gerie W. A. M. van der Heijden

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This paper shows how stereo and Time-of-Flight (ToF) images can be combined to estimate dense depth maps in order to automate plant phenotyping. We focus on some challenging plant images captured in a glasshouse environment, and show that even the state-of-the-art stereo methods produce unsatisfactory results. By developing a geometric approach which(More)
Comparison in the RGB domain is not suitable for precise color matching, due to the strong dependency of this domain on factors like spectral power distribution of the light source and object geometry. We have studied the use of multispectral or hyperspectral images for color matching, since it can be proven that hyperspectral images can be made independent(More)
Independent Component Analysis is one of the most widely used methods for blind source separation. In this paper we use this technique to estimate the most important compounds which play a role in the ripening of tomatoes. Spectral images of tomatoes were analyzed. Two main independent components were found. These components resemble the actual absorption(More)
An interesting strategy for improvement of a complex trait dissects the complex trait in a number of physiological component traits, with the latter having hopefully a simple genetic basis. The complex trait is then improved via improvement of its component traits. As first part of such a strategy to improve yield in pepper, we present genetic and QTL(More)
In this study, spectral images of five ripeness stages of tomatoes have been recorded and analyzed. The electromagnetic spectrum between 396 and 736 nm was recorded in 257 bands (every 1.3 nm). Results show that spectral images offer more discriminating power than standard RGB images for measuring ripeness stages of tomatoes. The classification error of(More)
The suitability of image analysis was studied to measure bulb characteristics for varietal testing of onions (Allium cepa L.). Eighteen genotypes were used, which covered a whole range of onion shapes, including some quite identical ones. The characteristic height and diameter were measured both by image analysis and by hand. The methods gave comparable(More)
Autonomous navigation of a robot in an agricultural field is a challenge as the robot is in an environment with many sources of noise. This includes noise due to uneven terrain, varying shapes, sizes and colors of the plants, imprecise sensor measurements and effects due to wheel-slippage. The drawback of current navigation systems in use in agriculture is(More)
The application of image analysis for variety testing of mushrooms to grant plant breeders' rights was investigated. The measurements of length, width and a range of several other more or less complex shape descriptors determined by means of image analysis were statistically analyzed. A total of 460 observations were used in this experiment. Distinction(More)