Geri McArdle

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PURPOSE To describe a program for controlling intravenous use of low-osmolar contrast agents (LOCAs). MATERIALS AND METHODS The department of radiology at the authors' institution adopted a policy of selective use of intravenously administered LOCAs. Clinical indications for LOCA use were specified after consultation with the administration, risk(More)
Free riders are individuals who decide not to participate in cooperative learning group activities and often lower the group’s morale, productivity, and effectiveness. This research paper presents a review of free riding and the results of a research study to examine the perspectives of faculty members about free riders and how they address them.(More)
In high-ambient-light levels such as are found in operating rooms, and at long target-to-patient distances, the cross lines and light field projected from conventional x-ray collimators are not easily visible and proper patient positioning is difficult. The collimators on two mutually perpendicular x-ray units have been modified by replacing the(More)
The authors describe how to develop and manage a capitated outpatient radiology contract. Aspects of a capitated fee structure and the need to apportion fees between a hospital and its radiology group are discussed. During negotiations with a managed care organization (MCO), certain information and commitments should be obtained. Utilization data should(More)
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