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PURPOSE Medication errors remain a threat to patient safety. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine the relationships among characteristics of the nursing practice environment, nurse staffing levels, nurses' error interception practices, and rates of nonintercepted medication errors in acute care hospitals. DESIGN This study, using a(More)
The objective of this study was to determine whether nurse staffing levels and modifiable characteristics of the nursing practice environment are associated with important quality indicators represented by the percentage of residents with pressure ulcers and numbers of deficiency citations in nursing homes. A cross-sectional design linked nurse survey data,(More)
In this article, we describe the depth of knowledge and skill nurses used in making decisions regarding the safe processes and practices of medication administration. Using grounded theory, we identified the essence of medication safety by nurses as the theme of clinical reasoning. Nurses used two medication safety processes within the clinical reasoning(More)
The purpose of this grounded theory study was to gain a deeper understanding of older Korean American women's experiences of chronic osteoarthritic pain. The data included a set of 3 interviews with 7 women over age 60, field notes, observations, memos, and the literature about the chronic pain of osteoarthritis. Through constant comparative analysis and(More)
At the turn of this century, early leaders of nursing education in the United States looked at the success of physicians in creating medicine's acceptance as a "profession." Trying to emulate this model, female nurses embraced a culturally and socially defined medical, male-oriented professional ideology that equated being professional with being(More)
The aim of this research innovation was to foster an understanding of women's experiences with menopause by exploring the interrelation between the knowledge in the scientific/medical discourses, both past and present, and the knowledge in the everyday discourses of a select sample of midlife women regarding the closure of menstrual life. The significance(More)
  • G L Dickson
  • 1990
Nurse scholars often debate such technical issues as when to use quantitative or qualitative methods or some combination of methods. The proper focus of a discussion on nursing science should be the basic assumptions and values of various approaches to research. Unless we gain an awareness and appreciation of the human process of knowledge generation, our(More)