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Pelvic pain in adolescents is a common and frequently puzzling symptom with many possible causes. The patients who suffer from this symptom, by and large, have diagnosable and treatable causes. A sensible, studied, and progressive approach by a warm and accepting physician usually is the key to successful diagnosis and management of this condition.
BACKGROUND/AIM Patients may present with gynecologic concerns after previous posterior sagittal anorectoplasty (PSARP) for repair of an anorectal malformation (ARM). Common findings include an inadequate or shortened perineal body, as well as introital stenosis, retained vaginal septum, and remnant rectovestibular fistula. An inadequate or shortened(More)
INTRODUCTION A significant number of internationally adopted children have congenital birth defects. As a specialist center for colorectal diagnoses, we evaluate such children with an anorectal malformation (ARM) and have found that a significant number need a reoperation. Knowledge of the common complications following ARM surgery has led us to develop(More)