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Error handling is a crucial task in infrastructures as complex as grids. Today, there are several monitoring tools which can be used to report failing grid jobs including corresponding error codes. However, the error codes do not always indicate the actual fault which originally caused the job failure. Human time and expertise is required to manually trace(More)
The CMS experiment expects to manage several Pbytes of data each year during the LHC programme, distributing them over many computing sites around the world and enabling data access at those centers for analysis. CMS has identified the distributed sites as the primary A. Fanfani et al. location for physics analysis to support a wide community with thousands(More)
The asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) is a promising technique for broadband switching that is capable of supporting high-bit-rate multimedia services. Progress in all-optical parallel processing shows that photonics may be used in the future in full-functionality ATM switching nodes. All-optical switching fabrics and buffers have already been demonstrated.(More)
  • G. Maier
  • 2000
We have discussed some issues concerning WDM network performance with a dynamic offered traffic by showing the results obtained by discrete-event simulation. Our work is essentially an analysis aimed at finding out which can be the most important parameters that must be taken into account in designing WDM networks in a dynamic environment. We believe that,(More)
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