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OBJECTIVE Measurement of cardiac output (CO) with pulmonary artery catheter (PAC) is currently item of many discussions. We investigated the reliability of results using the noninvasive measurement of aortic blood flow (ABF) (combined Doppler- and M-Mode transesophageal ultrasound, Dynemo 3000, Sometec Inc, Paris, France). METHODS In 75 patients during(More)
The aim of this study was to reproduce prostate cancer (PCA) localization by MRI based on prostatic sextants (right and left base, middle, and apex) with minimal systematic error. Combined endorectal/body-phased-array-coil MRI of the prostate at 1.5 T was retrospectively evaluated twice, with an interval of more than 1 month, by each of two independent(More)
The advantages and disadvantages of different anaesthetic techniques are based upon important premises, such as specific effects on the vital functions of the organism, the relationship of these effects to the general condition of the patient, the specific risk of complications due to a particular anaesthetic technique and the decision of the patient. Only(More)
Two patients aged 37 and 44 years developed life-threatening lactic acidosis following abdominal surgery and a period of about 3 weeks of total parenteral nutrition. Septicaemia and hypoxia were excluded as possible causes. Conventional treatment including high doses of buffer agents was unsuccessful. Thiamine (vitamin B1) depletion was suspected as the(More)
Under the aspect of life-threatening pneumonias in long-term ventilated patients receiving ant-acids or H2-antagonists the prophylaxis of stress ulcer with pirenzepine gains new importance. This study was aimed at detecting cardiac side effects of pirenzepine due to low receptor specificity. Pirenzepine (10 mg) was given via the peripheral or central venous(More)
Fragestellung: Die Messung des Herzzeitvolumens (HZV) mittels Pulmonalarterienkatheter (PAK) wird wegen der Invasivität und fehlender kontrollierter Studien zum Nachweis der Effektivität kritisch diskutiert. Wir untersuchten, ob mit einem wenig invasiven kombinierten Ultraschallverfahren (transösophageale Doppler- und M-Mode-Ultraschallsonde, Dynemo 3000,(More)
Two patients, 37 and 44 years old, respectively, developed severe metabolic acidosis after abdominal surgery which was followed by three weeks of total parenteral nutrition. Septicaemia, peritonitis or hypoxia were excluded as possible causes. Both patients had very high serum lactate concentrations (24.3 and 22.8 mmol/l, respectively). Conventional(More)
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