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During spaceflights, astronauts are exposed to many stressors (e.g., microgravity, confinement) that may impair human information-processing capabilities. In order to analyze the possible effects of the space environment on human time-sharing efficiency, a single-case experiment was conducted in which the time course of dual-task performance (unstable(More)
Conception rates after timed artificial insemination (TAI) are of paramount importance for the success of protocols based on synchronization of ovulation. Stage of lactation and milk production level are known factors that influence dairy cow fertility. It was the objective of this study to analyse the effect of stage of lactation and milk production level(More)
182 children born in breech presentation were investigated at the age of 5 to 6 years with regard to late morbidity after vaginal delivery and caesarean section. From case historical data, development in early childhood was assessed comparing the criteria of walking, speaking and "dryness". An attempt was made to find a relation between neonatal data and(More)
On the basis of a retrospective study the importance of the haematological parameter MCV (mean corpuscular volume) for the recognition of chronic alcohol addicts was investigated. It was shown that in males a macrocytosis of the erythrocytes (MCV greater than or equal to 100 fl) refers to a daily alcohol abuse of more than 80 to 100 g, when diseases(More)
In the period between 1965-1974 564 patients with gastrointestinal hemorrhages were admitted in the medical clinic of the District Hospital St. Georg Leipzig. Of them 112 patients (20%) were at once or after failure of a conservative therapy admitted in the surgical clinic for operation. 82 patients died (18%) of the conservatively treated patients). The(More)
  • G Thiele
  • 1984
A newly developed system for the physical prophylaxis of thromboses of deep veins of the leg is presented and its effect on various parameters is described. The invasive examinations were carried out in the blood of the femoral vein and artery on 48 patients (chronic cor pulmonale, varicosis, healthy persons) before and after a 24-hour external rhythmical(More)