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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the personal and community burdens of uncorrected presbyopia. METHODS We used multiple population-based surveys to estimate the global presbyopia prevalence, the spectacle coverage rate for presbyopia, and the community perception of vision impairment caused by uncorrected presbyopia. For planning purposes, the data were(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the global cost of establishing and operating the educational and refractive care facilities required to provide care to all individuals who currently have vision impairment resulting from uncorrected refractive error (URE). METHODS The global cost of correcting URE was estimated using data on the population, the prevalence of URE(More)
BACKGROUND The 2004 tsunami focused unprecedented international aid and resources on Sri Lanka. Among other responses, a program delivered by volunteer optometrists enabled many local people to access eye examinations and spectacles for the first time. The data collected from the eye-care delivery program during 2005 are summarised in this report, as an(More)
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