Gerhard Rakhorst

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Endothelial dysfunction is important in the pathophysiology of preeclampsia. No study has examined endothelial function sequentially at different gestations before development of the clinical syndrome and after delivery (to compare maternal from placental influences). We sought to determine whether endothelial function changes before the clinical(More)
In this paper, a new method of determining spatial and temporal gait parameters by using centre of pressure (CoP) data is presented. A treadmill is used which was developed to overcome limitations of regular methods for the analysis of spatio-temporal gait parameters and ground reaction forces during walking and running. The design of the treadmill is based(More)
Retrograde transneuronal viral labelling and immunocytochemical methods were used for revealing neuronal networks controlling the left ventricle myocardium of the rat heart. After injections of 1 microliter pseudorabies virus solution (3 x 10(6) PFU ml-1) into the left ventricle, infected orthosympathetic preganglionic cells were found in the(More)
The mechanical performance, repeatability and comfort of the Quadriso-tester, which assesses isometric knee extensor muscle strength, were examined. Twenty healthy subjects and 20 patients treated for unilateral anterior ligamenta cruciata insufficiency were tested. Intra-rater repeatability was determined by the testing and retesting of subjects and(More)
BACKGROUND Despite continuous improvements in materials and perfusion techniques, cardiac surgery still causes lung injury and a delay of pulmonary recovery. Currently, there is no gold standard for quantifying cardiac surgery induced lung injury and dysfunction. Adding objective measures, such as plasma biomarkers, could be of great use here. In this study(More)
We report the design of a novel laser line-triangulation laryngoscope for the quantitative visualization of the three-dimensional movements of human vocal folds during phonation. This is the first successful in vivo recording of the three-dimensional movements of human vocal folds in absolute values. Triangulation images of the vocal folds are recorded at(More)
We report novel direct quantitative comparisons between 3D profiling measurements and simulations of human vocal fold vibrations. Until now, in human vocal folds research, only imaging in a horizontal plane was possible. However, for the investigation of several diseases, depth information is needed, especially when the two folds act differently, e.g. in(More)
Despite state of the art tracheo-esophageal (TE) voice-rehabilitation after laryn-gectomy, some patients are unable to produce voice of sufficient quality, because of hypotonicity or atonicity of their pharyngoesophageal (PE) segment. Furthermore, the TE voice is low pitched, which presents a problem especially for female laryngectomized patients. A(More)
OBJECTIVE Advanced glycation end-products are considered to be markers of oxidative stress and to be involved in the atherosclerotic process. We investigated skin autofluorescence, which reflected advanced glycation end-product accumulation, in recently preeclamptic women and its relationship with intima-media thickness, which is a marker of(More)
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