Gerhard R. Wittich

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Interventional radiology has an important role to play in the management of local complications of acute pancreatitis, such as necrosis, pseudocyst, and abscess. Computed tomography (CT) is preferred for guiding pancreatic interventional procedures, with the most common access routes being through the left anterior pararenal space for pancreatic tail(More)
Twenty-five patients who had lymphoceles underwent sectional imaging and interventional radiologic procedures. Viewed using sonography, lymphoceles were hypoechoic to anechoic, occasionally with internal septa and debris. Low numbers (occasionally negative values) were observed using computed tomography (CT); these numbers strongly suggest the diagnosis of(More)
During the approximately 20 years that percutaneous abscess drainage (PAD) has been an extant procedure and as the millennium begins, PAD has become, by consensus, the treatment of choice for abscesses. Indications for PAD continue to expand, and currently almost all abscesses are considered amenable. On occasion, PAD is an adjunctive procedure that(More)
Percutaneous drainage of 101 pancreatic pseudocysts (51 infected, 50 noninfected) in 77 patients is described. In this group of patients, 91 of 101 pseudocysts were cured by means of catheter drainage (90.1%) (noninfected, 43 of 50 [86%]; infected, 48 of 51 [94.1%]). Six patients underwent operation after percutaneous treatment due to persistent drainage.(More)
Seventy-three fluid samples obtained via percutaneous aspiration and drainage were analyzed by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy. The fluids included abscess contents, bile, ascitic fluid, cyst and pseudocyst fluid, urine, hematomas, pleural fluid, lymphoceles, seromas, cerebrospinal fluid, pancreatic ductal fluid, and necrotic tumor. They were grouped(More)
An intravertebral vacuum phenomenon was observed within 19 vertebrae of 17 patients. It represents a non-healing vertebral fracture. Three possible pathologic mechanisms are discussed: ischemic bone necrosis, trauma with ensuing ischemic necrosis, and intraosseous disc prolapse. The intravertebral vacuum phenomenon was found in two patients with multiple(More)
Percutaneous catheter drainage was performed in 16 patients with diverticulitis complicated by abscesses. Each patient had resolution of fever within 72 hours. Eleven patients subsequently underwent simultaneous sigmoid resection and operative anastomosis 10-40 days after percutaneous drainage. One patient required a three-stage procedure after percutaneous(More)
PURPOSE To report our experience regarding the feasibility and safety of 25-gauge needles for biopsy of thoracic lesions. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-six patients with thoracic lesions, predominately pulmonary nodules, measuring 0.7-5.2 cm (mean, 1.6 cm) underwent biopsy with computed tomographic (n = 24), ultrasonographic (n = 1), or fluoroscopic (n =(More)
Complications of pancreatitis are common, protean in their manifestations, and can be catastrophic. When complications occur, the morbidity and mortality are high. Expeditious radiologic detection of the complication, together with the plethora of nonoperative interventional techniques, offers new and improved methods for diagnosis and treatment. This(More)