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  • Tim Nieberg, H Bodlaender, H J Broersma, P Brucker, P J M Havinga, J L Hurink +18 others
  • 2004
Dit proefschrift is goedgekeurd door Acknowledgements Working towards a PhD is a long road with many bends and turns. It is impossible to do on one's own, and I had help and advice from a lot of people both from the academic and the 'real' world. In the end, it is this help that kept me going on this road, and made this trip the trip of my life. I am(More)
We present the progress on the benchmarking project for high school timetabling that was introduced at PATAT 2008. In particular, we announce the High School Timetabling Archive XHSTT-2011 with 21 instances from 8 countries and an evaluator capable of checking the syntax of instances and evaluating the solutions.
We study round-robin tournaments for n teams, where in each round a fixed number (g) of teams is present and each team present plays a fixed number (m) of matches in this round. In the tournament each match between two teams is either played once or twice, in the latter case in different rounds. We give necessary combina-torial conditions on the triples (n,(More)
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