Gerhard Leder

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PURPOSE Malignant tumors of the pancreas are frequently indistinguishable from inflammatory tumors arising in the context of a chronic pancreatitis with the use of conventional imaging techniques. Thus, cytologic analysis of cells obtained by abdominal ultrasound, computed tomography, or endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy is required(More)
We present a measurement of the standard model CP violation parameter sin2 phi(1) based on a 29.1 fb(-1) data sample collected at the Upsilon(4S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e(+)e(-) collider. One neutral B meson is fully reconstructed as a J/psi K(S), psi(2S)K(S), chi(c1)K(S), eta(c)K(S), J/psi K(L), or J/psi K(*0) decay(More)
  • Delphi Collaboration, J Abdallah, P Abreu, W Adam, P Adzic, T Albrecht +343 others
  • 2006
The study of quark jets in e + e − reactions at LEP has demonstrated that the hadronisation process is reproduced well by the Lund string model. However, our understanding of gluon fragmentation is less complete. In this study enriched quark and gluon jet samples of different purities are selected in three-jet events from hadronic decays of the Z collected(More)
  • J Abdallah, P Abreu, W Adam, P Adzic, T Albrecht, T Alderweireld +250 others
  • 2003
A measurement of the branching fractions of the b-quark into charged and neutral b-hadrons Abstract The production fractions of charged and neutral b-hadrons in b-quark events from Z 0 decays have been measured with the DELPHI detector at LEP. An algorithm has been developed, based on a neural network, to estimate the charge of the weakly-decaying b-hadron(More)
We report measurements of branching fractions for charged and neutral B-->eta(c)K decays where the eta(c) meson is reconstructed in the K(0)(S)K+/-pi(-/+), K+K-pi(0), K(*0)K-pi(+), and pp; decay channels. The neutral B0 channel is a CP eigenstate and can be used to measure the CP violation parameter sin(2phi(1). We also report the first observation of the(More)
We present improved measurements of CP-violation parameters in B(0) --> phiK(0), eta(')K(0), KS(0)KS(0)KS(0) decays based on a sample of 535 x 10(6) BB pairs collected at the Upsilon(4S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB energy-asymmetric e(+)e(-) collider. We obtain sin2phi1(eff)=+0.64+/-0.10(stat)+/-0.04(syst) for B(0) --> eta(')K(0),(More)
We report the first observation of two charmed strange baryons that decay into Lambda(c)(+)Kappa(-)pi(+). The broader of the two states is measured to have a mass of 2978.5+/-2.1+/-2.0 MeV/c2 and a width of 43.5+/-7.5+/-7.0 MeV/c2. The mass and width of the narrow state are measured to be 3076.7+/-0.9+/-0.5 MeV/c;{2} and 6.2+/-1.2+/-0.8 MeV/c2,(More)
  • Delphi Collaboration, J Abdallah, P Abreu, W Adam, P Adzic, T Albrecht +346 others
  • 2006
The pseudoscalar meson η b has been searched for in two-photon interactions at LEP II. The data sample corresponds to a total integrated luminosity of 617 pb −1 at centre-of-mass energies ranging from 161 to 209 GeV. Upper limits at a confidence level of 95% on the product Γ γ γ (η b) × BR(η b) are 190, 470 and 660 eV/c 2 for the η b decaying into 4, 6 and(More)
We have searched for mixing in the D(0)-D (0) system by measuring the decay-time distribution of D(0) --> K(+) pi(-) decays. The analysis uses 90 fb(-1) of data collected by the Belle detector at the KEKB e(+) e(-) collider. We fit the decay-time distribution for the mixing parameters x' and y' and also for the parameter R(D), which is the ratio of the rate(More)