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This article describes the software architecture of an autonomous, interactive tour-guide robot. It presents a modular and distributed software architecture, which integrates local-ization, mapping, collision avoidance, planning, and various modules concerned with user interaction and Web-based telepresence. At its heart, the software approach relies on(More)
his discovery does not work. His helio-centric view allowed him to think that the sun, so near to the center of the planetary system, and so large, must somehow cause the planets to move as they do. In addition to this strong conjecture , he also had to generalize his findings for Mars to all planets by assuming that the same physical conditions could be(More)
In a seminal paper, Lin and Reiter introduced the notion of progression for basic action theories in the situation calculus. Unfortunately, progression is not first-order definable in general. Recently, Vas-sos, Lakemeyer, and Levesque showed that in case actions have only local effects, progression is first-order representable. However, they could show(More)
This paper describes the software architecture of an autonomous tour-guide/tutor robot. This robot was recently deployed in the " Deutsches Museum Bonn, " were it guided hundreds of visitors through the museum during a six-day deployment period. The robot's control software integrates low-level probabilistic reasoning with high-level problem solving(More)
The paper discusses a top-down approach to model soccer knowledge, as it can be found in soccer theory books. The goal is to model soccer strategies and tactics in a way that they are usable for multiple RoboCup soccer leagues, i.e. for different hardware platforms. We investigate if and how soccer theory can be formalized such that specification and(More)
The study of relevance has gained considerable attention recently in areas as diverse as machine learning and knowledge representation. In this paper, we focus on one particular area, namely relevance in the context of logical theories. We are interested in answering questions like: when is a sentence (or theory) relevant to a set of propositions, or, when(More)
2 Preface Cognitive robotics is concerned with integrating reasoning, perception, and action within a uniform theoretical and implementation framework (using methods drawn from logic, probability and decision theory, reinforcement learning, game theory, etc.). It is quite a young field of research. However, the use of robots and softbots is becoming more(More)