Gerhard Kucher

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Implants have gained popularity in orthodontics because they facilitate maximum anchorage with minimum patient cooperation. However, some orthodontists avoid using implants because psychological aspects of the anchorage systems have not been fully reported. In this study, 85 patients who received orthodontic treatment with palatal implants in 2 clinics in(More)
The present investigation examined a chair-side procedure for connecting a transpalatal arch (TPA) with palatal implants, which does not involve any laboratory work. This new technique was compared with the standard procedure in terms of the number of steps, the time required, and the cost. The total chair-side time needed with the standard procedure was 38(More)
This article describes an orthodontic mechanical variation to reduce prominence of the palatal cusp of the upper second molar and to correct buccal crossbites in the molar area. By using a modified transpalatal arch with a soldered spur, a button bonded to the palatal surface of the second molar, and an elastic chain intrusion of the palatal cusp with(More)
The aim of this presentation is to describe an innovative adhesive procedure for connecting palatal implants with transpalatal arches (TPAs). The steps required for completing the procedure, the costs involved and the requisite time were reviewed and compared with those of two alternative procedures reported in the literature. To establish the stability and(More)
This paper describes the fast minimization of a functional for a best curve approximation of data resulting from a pill identification problem. The curve approximation in R uses polynomial curves as well as circular splines. Functional evaluations have been faster on the CPU with circular splines but the situation changes on the GPU in favor of polynomial(More)
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