Gerhard Kroyer

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The role of free radicals (FR) in the pathogenesis and in the progression of many diseases has been often discussed, but not widely investigated. However, the total antioxidant capacity in the serum seems to be of great evidence. Total antioxidant capacity was determined using oxygen absorbance capacity assay (ORAC) in serum of patients suffering from(More)
The antioxidant properties of freeze-dried citrus fruit peels (orange, lemon, grapefruit) and methanolic extracts from the peel were studied. Freeze-dried orange peel showed the highest, lemon peel somewhat less and grapefruit peel the lowest but still remarkable antioxidant activity. This could be significantly improved by preparing methanolic extracts of(More)
The migration of acetaldehyde from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) under various conditions was analysed by headspace gas chromatography and flame ionisation detection. The residual amounts of new PET bottles were about 6.3 mg/kg with a migration value of 200 micrograms/l. On studying the migration at different temperatures and times, behaviour curves(More)
Pasteurized milk was treated with microwaves for 2.5 minutes (2450 MHz, 650 W). Important chemical components (vitamin A, beta-carotin, vitamins B1, B2, C, E; activity of peroxidase, xanthinoxidase; content of fat and peroxides, percentage of solids, content of raw protein, content of all microorganisms and storage stability were examined. Ascorbic acid(More)
In this study for the first time in alcohol withdrawal syndrome, the response to topiramate was assessed. 12 patients with median age of 49.5 years and median body weight of 76.3 kg were treated with topiramate twice daily for up 30 days, starting with a dose of 50 mg in the morning and 50 mg in the evening. The preliminary findings of this study suggest(More)
Aim of this study was to evaluate the biotransformation of simple phenols after ingestion of edible fruits and mixed food. It was analyzed hippuric acid in urine as biomarker of conjugation in the liver cells of glycine with aromatic phenolic acids such benzoic and salicylic acid from ingested food. Measurement of hippuric acid in urine samples of 10(More)
The stability of the natural sweetener stevioside during different processing and storage conditions as well as the effects of its interaction with water-soluble vitamins, food relevant organic acids and other common low calorie sweeteners and its application in coffee and tea beverages were evaluated. Incubation of the solid sweetener stevioside at(More)
In recent times, there is a growing interest in nutrition and preventive health care in the development and evaluation of natural bioactive and antioxidant active products from plant materials. It is well known that polyphenol compounds are responsible for the potential antioxidant activity and radical scavenging capacity of plant foods. Consumption of a(More)
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