Gerhard Kaufmann

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Prior studies have reported improved gait performance and kinematics after total ankle arthroplasty (TAR) compared to ankle arthrodesis (AAD). Given these findings, AAD has been primarily considered as a salvage procedure that may lead to adjacent joint degeneration. A total of 101 TAR and 40 screw arthrodeses were enrolled in a retrospective study with a(More)
PURPOSE Evaluation of the advantages and limitations of the Taylor Spatial Frame (TSF) with regard to the healing index (HI), distraction-consolidation time (DCT), accuracy of correction complications, and cost of the device. METHODS Comparison of results with the traditional Ilizarov apparatus and a unilateral Orthofix fixator in a consecutive patient(More)
Secretoneurin (SN), a newly discovered neuropeptide, may be implicated in inflammatory responses as it was shown to modulate leukocyte, endothelial and mesenchymal cell functions. Neutrophils placed above pulmonary arterial or venous endothelial monolayers migrated through this cellular barrier in response to apical or basal stimulation with SN in a(More)
Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) powder formulation of apomorphine was prepared by lyophilization and characterized with respect to the in vitro and intranasal in vivo release of apomorphine in rabbits. This was compared to apomorphine release from degradable starch microspheres (DSM) and lactose, as well as in vivo absorption after subcutaneous injection. In(More)
Monocytes appear to play a central role in inflammatory processes like atherogenesis or lung inflammation both as the progenitors of foam cells and as a potential source of factors mediating further inflammatory processes. However, signals mediating the influx of monocytes into the inflammatory focus remain partly unknown. Secretoneurin (SN) is a more(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet is an unrestricted, easily accessed source of information that has been greatly touted by the mass media. It represents a major advance in information acquisition and dissemination. It is estimated that between 3040 million North Americans alone have access to the Internet. This multimedia reservoir of information has developed into(More)