Gerhard Jentzsch

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In June 2003, a large scale injection experiment started at the Continental Deep Drilling site (KTB) in Germany. A tiltmeter array was installed which consisted of five high resolution borehole tiltmeters of the ASKANIA type, also equipped with three dimensional seismometers. For the next 11 months, 86 000 m(3) were injected into the KTB pilot borehole 4000(More)
[1] During the past decades, the research into fluid-controlled geodynamic processes in the upper crust of the Earth is put foreward regarding the stress accumulation, deformation, and seismicity. In a large-scale injection experiment at the deep borehole site KTB (Kontinentale Tiefbohrung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland) in Germany, more than 84.000 m fresh(More)
Combined 3-D interpretations of gravity and aeromagnetic data have been used in addition to continental and marine seismic profiles, well logs and geological cross-sections. The combination of gravity and magnetic data has improved the geometry and the density distribution in the 3-D calculated profiles. Results of the current work reveal possible crustal(More)
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