Gerhard J. Woeginger

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We discuss fast exponential time solutions for NP-complete problems. We survey known results and approaches, we provide pointers to the literature, and we discuss several open problems in this area. The list of discussed NP-complete problems includes the travelling salesman problem, scheduling under precedence constraints, satisfiability, knapsack, graph(More)
Woeginger, G.J., On-line scheduling of jobs with fixed start and end times, Theoretical Computer Science 130 (1994) 5516. We investigate an on-line scheduling problem on a single machine where jobs have fixed start and end times. If a job is not processed immediately after its arrival or if its processing is aborted, the job is lost. The goal is to maximize(More)
In this paper we consider the problem of decomposing an integer matrix into a weighted sum of binary matrices that have the strict consecutive ones property. This problem is motivated by an application in cancer radiotherapy planning, namely the sequencing of multileaf collimators to realize a given intensity matrix. In addition we also mention another(More)
We discuss scheduling problems with m identical machines and n jobs where each job has to be assigned to some machine. The goal is to optimize objective functions that solely depend on the machine completion times. As a main result, we identify some conditions on the objective function, under which the resulting scheduling problems possess a polynomial time(More)