Gerhard Holst

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We developed a noninvasive rapid fluorimetric method for the investigation of growth of adhering (benthic) phototrophic microorganisms. The technique is based on the sensitive detection of the in vivo fluorescence of chlorophylls chlorophyll a and bacteriochlorophyll a and monitors increases in signal over time as an indicator for growth. The growth(More)
Microscale fluorescence measurements were performed in photosynthetic biofilms at a spatial resolution of 100 to 200 microm with a new fiber-optic fluorometer which allowed four different excitation and emission wavelengths and was configured for measuring phycobiliproteins, chlorophylls, and bacteriochlorophylls. We present details of the measuring system(More)
We used transparent planar oxygen optodes and a luminescence lifetime imaging system to map (at a pixel resolution of <200 μm) the two-dimensional distribution of O2 within the skeleton of a Porites lobata colony. The O2 distribution was closely correlated to the distribution of the predominant endolithic microalga, Ostreobium quekettii Bornet et Flahault(More)
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