Gerhard Haßlinger

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The estimation of quality for real time services over telecommunication networks requires realistic models in order to generate impairments and failures during transmission. Starting with the classical Gilbert-Elliot model, we derive the second order statistics over arbitrary time scales and fit the parameters to match the packet loss pattern of traffic(More)
Traffic engineering and an economical provisioning of bandwidth is crucial for network providers in times of high competition in broadband access networks. We investigate the efficiency of caching as an option to shorten end-to-end paths and delays while at the same time reducing traffic loads. The portion of HTTP based distribution of cacheable content on(More)
Real-time Internet services are gaining in popularity due to rapid provisioning of broadband access technologies. Delivery of high Quality of Experience (QoE) is important for consumer acceptance of multimedia applications. IP packet level errors affect QoE and the resulting quality degradations have to be taken into account in network operation. We derive(More)
50 years ago, Gilbert and Elliott introduced 2-state Markov channels to characterize bursty error processes in data transmission. The focus of this work is on the analysis of the effect of bit errors on higher layer blocks or packets. Starting from 2-state bit error channels in an extended Gilbert-Elliott format, packet errors again result in a 2-state(More)