Gerhard Foerster

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There is a growing interest into the investigation of smell disorders in both research and clinical practice. For psychophysical ("subjective") investigations related to the sense of smell a variety of test kits are available, namely the various "Sniffin' Sticks" kits, the UPSIT (University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test) or the CCSIT(More)
Prior to nose surgery the birhinal ability to smell should be tested routinely. From the medico-legal point of view a short screening-test consisting of 5 or 8 test items is not sufficient. It is recommended to use an identification test with 12 or 16 items. The results of these tests taken together with the patients' self estimation, the patients' history(More)
Although recognized as a valuable diagnostic tool for more than 60 years, many laryngologists do not routinely use laryngeal electromyography (LEMG). This may be due to a persisting lack of agreement on methodology, interpretation, validity, and clinical application of LEMG. To achieve consensus in these fields, a laryngeal electromyography working group of(More)
has stabilized. The number of research assistants has slightly grown from fifteen 2006 to currently sixteen. The number of student helpers and tutors is around twenty three. Accordingly, the existing working relationships between our institute and other universities and research institutes have been further intensified and new relationships have been(More)
BACKGROUND Pleasant odours are thought to stimulate whereas unpleasant odours are thought to shorten it. This common breathing behaviour should be tested with short pure odour stimuli. The question was: Is there an influence on exhalation as well? METHOD 53 normosmic subjects (33 female, 20 male, mean 22,3 years) had to breathe through one nostril. The(More)
Psychophysical tests related to the sense of taste are usually less complex than those of the sense of smell. In addition to global tests a regional examination of the sense of taste might be indicated to search for nerve lesions. There are numerous validated psychophysical tests available based on the administration of liquid or solid substrates. The use(More)
The rate of in vitro transcription of the rRNA genes of E. coli is more than 20 fold higher than the averaged transcription rate of other genome segments of the same size. This "preferential transcription" of rRNA genes reflects a high efficiency of their promoters in chain initiation. We show that the high initiation rate at rRNA promoters results from a(More)